Sunday, October 17, 2010

Generation Next

Chess has an extremely rich history, with each new generation standing on the shoulders of the last. Former world champion, Vladimir Kramnik once wrote,
If you want to reach the heights, you should study the entire history of chess. I can't give any clear logical explanation for it, but I think it is absolutely essential to soak up the whole of chess history

The Chesspunks with former U12 World Champion, Daniel Naroditsky.
Botvinnik influenced Karpov, who helped shape Kasparov, who in turn developed Kramnik. This is the way chess knowledge has been passed down for centuries, and the tradition continues right here in California. In preparation for the World Youth Chess Championships, I've been studying with a two of the strongest junior players in the Bay Area (and the world). My friends and I have been having group study sessions with FM Daniel Naroditsky (former U12 World Champion!). I've also been working individually with FM Steven Zierk (2010 Denker Champion), who will be competing in the U18 section in Greece. The lessons have been a combination of hard work and fun, but hopefully the knowledge gained will push us to new heights in Thessaloniki!

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